Water Resources Planning through Climate Change Capacity Building: “Ríos del páramo al valle, por urbes y campiñas”

This project, which runs through 2015, seeks to develop capacity for climate change adaptation in water resources management in Colombia's coffee-growing region and other areas . The project subtitle is “Ríos del páramo al valle, por urbes y campiñas” (rivers from the páramo to the valley, through cities and countryside), reflecting its focus on the role of delicate high-elevation ecosystems in regulating the timing and supply of water in the region. The confluence of ecologic, economic, and social factors defining this region create both the motivation and the conditions necessary for effective climate adaptation, in addition to creating an opportunity to scale up lessons learned to the national scale in Colombia. The project involves building applications of WEAP for the Rio La Vieja and Alto Magdalena watersheds, developed based on insights gained through engagement with stakeholders, as well as capacity-building and work to strengthen local institutions
Palabras Clave: 
páramos, modelos
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