CATCOS: Capacity building and twinning for climate observing systems

M. Hoelzle (UFR) Nando Foppa (MeteoSwiss) Gabriela Seiz (MeteoSwiss)
In the context of the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), the project CATCOS aims at improving the capacity for measurements of greenhouse gases, aerosols and glacier mass balances in different regions of the world with data gaps. In close collaboration with regional partners, the glaciological work packages of the project aim at (i) continuing in-situ mass balance measurements at La Conejera (CO) and Antizana 15 Alpa (EC) in combination with (ii) new geodetic surveys of these glaciers, as well as (iii) re-initiating in-situ mass balance measurements at Abramov Glacier (KG).
Palabras Clave: 
glaciar, jalca, modelos
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