AN1 – On designing and implementing benefit-sharing mechanisms

Challenge Programme for Water and Food-CGIAR
This project deals with approaches to improving water usage in order to increase productivity and alternative water allocation and create conditions for designing and operating Benefit-Sharing Mechanisms (BSMs) among water users in watersheds in the Andean basin. It uses a potent water-soil model to identify areas in the Andes in which water use could be improved by making more water available (modifying the use of water in upper lands) or allocating water to different plots (in lower lands). This will be done in such a way to ensure that biomass produced with this water generates productivity increases that create conditions for designing and implementing BSMs using a community-driven and needs-based process in each watershed. It also is expected that any surplus will benefit the poor in the watershed as part of an effort to alleviate poverty. Units in which water and land uses can improve productivity and competitiveness and benefit the poor will be identified and a poverty typology will be conducted in order to ensure that BSM benefits will produce positive results. Field activities will be designed based on the community’s interest in and potential for establishing mechanisms that can increase the final output and allow the poor to appropriate the surplus of the mechanism. The goals of cross-watershed results analysis will be threefold: (a) to compare BSM performance in each context and policy circumstance; (b) to identify best practices and BSMs that can be adapted to other watersheds within the Andean basin and; (c) to generate elements that may contribute to policy formulations. This analysis will be coordinated with and complemented by CPWF project A3 in the Andean basin. Communications, data management, policy incidence activities and synchronization with CPWF projects in the Andean basin will be coordinated with CPWF project A4.
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