Regional Report: Implementation of the Program of Work on Protected Areas 2011-2015 Amazon Biome Region




REDPARQUES. 2016. Regional report implementation of the program of work on protected areas 2011 - 2015: Amazonian biome region. 115 p. Bogota Colombia.


The document seeks to guide decision-making with regards to the specific needs to move forward in achieving the objectives on biodiversity conservation, using as reference the past version´s structure and content with added value in respect of the coordination of instruments and initiatives at biome level; although many of the general characteristics of the biome are taken up in the document, the fundamental focus is to characterize the steps forward and challenges with regards to the adoption of measures to achieve the international conservation goals, particularly of the PoWPA (Program of Work on Protected Areas) and Goal 11 of Aichi, taking into account the new global political agenda post-2015 and based on important data already surveyed in 2010. We are certain that this exercise definitely contributes to generating venues for dialog among the sectors, to reflecting on the implications of the public policies being implemented in the region and to managing new development models for the Amazon that are more respectful of and harmonious with the natural environment that supports life on Earth.


Bases de datos sobre conservación

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