Protecting what protects us




REDPARQUES. 2016. Protect what protects us: Amazon Vision. 7 p. Bogota Colombia.


This 8 page document shows briefly the situation of the Amazon biome, the signs of threat in terms of conservation. The Programme of Work on the Amazon Protected Areas (PoWPA) is highlighted as an innovative path for cooperation at biome scale that has been essential in the design of policies, agreements and regulations on protected areas within the countries of the biome.

In addition, data related to the creation and strengthening of National and Regional Systems of Protected Areas, conservation opportunities from an integral ecological perspective, among others, are presented.

Several challenges are discussed, such as consolidate programs that closely involve the capability of the protected areas for the ecosystems resilience, guaranteeing connectivity in high ecological priority areas; strengthen border efforts, including the establishment of management and administration regulatory frameworks.

Also clarity and definition on land tenancy in the Amazon as a determining factor that must go through formal recognition of territorial rights of indigenous populations and local communities. And establish coordination scenarios with the productive sectors such as agriculture, fishery, forestry and tourism, for the conservation of the biome.

Bases de datos sobre conservación

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