The Millennium Development Goals Report 2006






Organización de las Naciones Unidas, 2006, The Millennium Development Goals Report 2006


This report shows where we stand in 2006 in achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals, which are providing countries around the world a framework for development, and time-bound targets by which progress can be measured. The challenges the Goals represent are staggering. But there are clear signs of hope. The data on the following pages and other evidence suggest that providing every child with a primary school education is within our grasp. The handful of countries in sub-Saharan Africa that are successfully lowering HIV infection rates and expanding treatment demonstrate that the war against AIDS can be won. Step by step, we see that women are gaining in political participation that will one day result in their full equal rights. Developed countries have confirmed their commitment to the Goals through increased aid and enhanced debt relief. Collectively, the developed and developing countries mustered the political will to find a solution to the destruction of the ozone layer – a demonstration that we can work together on global environmental challenges.

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