Incentive Measures for Sustainable Use and Conservation of Agrobiodiversity




Almekinders, C.J.M. (Comp.), 2002. Incentive measures for sustainable use and conservation of agrobiodiversity. Experiences and lessons from Southern Africa. Proceedings of a Workshop, Lusaka, Zambia, 11-14 September 2001.


The workshop on Incentive Measures to enhance Sustainable Use and Conservation of Agrobiodiversity had as principle goal the identification of incentives and disincentives for use and conservation of agrobiodiversity by farmers in Sub Sahara Africa, and opportunities for participants themselves to contribute to implementation of the incentives. The envisioned outputs of the workshop were formulated by a preparatory group. The workshop participants ratified these objectives at the start of the four-day workshop in Lusaka. These were: (1) a common understanding of incentives for agrobiodiversity; (2) state of the art of using incentives for agrobiodiversity; (3) analysis of approaches and incentives in terms of opportunities and constraints in agrobiodiversity enhancement; (4) identification of future thrusts, options to try and workable mechanisms; and (5) elaboration of a follow-up plan of action.
For the workshop, agrobiodiversity was defined as the genetic diversity of crops (including local vegetables and fruit trees) and farm animals that is managed and used by farmer households. The importance of the system environment in which the farmer-household manages the agrobiodiversity was emphasized.

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