Golden Age Is Fast Wilting





Dyer, Gwynne, Golden Age Is Fast Wilting. En: The Straits Times, octubre 2006


The world is gradually losing its ability to feed itself. While the “Green Revolution” revolutionized agricultural efficiency in the second half of the 20th century, that revolution is over with its legacy steadily eroded by  nexorable population growth. For the sixth time in seven years, the world will not produce enough food to feed itself in 2006, according to journalist Gwynne Dyer. Instead, countries are forced to tap into reserves accumulated in better times – reserves shrinking dramatically even as the world’s population continues to grow. With precious grain diverted to inefficient farm animals and inedible biofuels like ethanol, and with climate change threatening to stunt the growth of those grains before harvest, the world may be hard-pressed to feed the huge numbers of new people it can expect to welcome in the next century.

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