Changing Biodiverdity, Changing Markerts Links Between Agricultural Trade, Markets and Biodiversity





Vaughan, Scott Vaughan; Patterson, Zachary, 2001, Changing biodiverdity, changing markerts links between agriculturak trade, markets and biodiversity, CEC Secretariat.


The purpose of this paper has been to examine some general aspects of the relationship between agricultural trade liberalization and biodiversity and agrobiodiversity, as well as the state of research focussing on this relationship. Clearly, such an examination needs to be more in-depth. At the same time, several tentative conclusions flow from this paper.  The first is that technological change and agricultural trade liberalization are changing patterns of agricultural production and distribution. The second is that the overall effect on biodiversity of this changing pattern is an empirical question and the subject of some debate. The third is that while the effect of the changing patterns of agricultural production on overall biodiversity is subject to debate, there is little question that the pattern towards more intensive and interconnected agricultural production is decreasing agrobiodiversity through the replacement of many traditional varieties of agricultural species (both plant and animal) with fewer mass produced and often genetically manipulated, higher yielding agricultural species. The fourth is that more research is needed to get a firmer understanding of the links between agricultural trade liberalization, changing patterns of agricultural production and distribution, and the effects on biodiversity.

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