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FAO’s goal is to alleviate poverty and hunger by promoting sustainable agricultural development, improved nutrition and food security, and the access of all people at all times to the food they need for an active and healthy life. The importance of biological diversity for food security was reconfirmed in commitment No.3 of the Rome Declaration on Food Security made at the World Food Summit held in Rome in 1996. FAO is actively promoting the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for food and agriculture.
FAO provides intergovernmental for a where biodiversity-related policy is discussed and relevant agreements negotiated and adopted by member countries. The International Plant Protection Convention, the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources adopted in 2001, are examples of such agreements. FAO assists in the implementation of the Global Plan of Action on Plant Genetic Resources and the Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources, adopted under the aegis of FAO’s Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA) in 1996 and 2007, respectively.

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