Access and Benefit sharing - CBD COP 9 Position Paper (draft)






UICN, Access and Benefit sharing - CBD COP 9 Position Paper (draft).


In this document there is found IUCN’s position to be exposed at COP 9 the 9th to 30th March 2008, in Bonn.
In general, IUCN calls on COP9 to:
- Ensure that the International ABS Regime allows for the inclusion and empowerment of indigenous peoples, local communities and women through prior informed consent (PIC) mechanisms and participation in the negotiation of national ABS frameworks and of an International Regime;
- Recommend that the compliance of ABS regimes with human rights frameworks, international and national commitments on gender equality and equity, including the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) be guaranteed;
- Support the development and promotion of capacity building and empowerment strategies (educational, technical, legal, financial) to allow women and men to effectively participate in the discussions and negotiations involving agreements on the access and sharing of benefits arising out  of genetic resources;
- Make sure that gender considerations are mainstreamed in National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans and that all stakeholders are included in NBSAPs design and implementation processes; and
- Clearly recognize the rights of indigenous peoples, local communities and women to the genetic resources they control and the associated traditional knowledge. In this respect, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of September 2007 should form the basis for the international regime on ABS.

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